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The State of San Andreas - PS3 Roleplay Community - Members Database
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Hello, and welcome to the State of San Andreas Official MEMBERS ONLY database.. We are one of the most realistic role play crews for GTA 5 on the PlayStation 3 Console. The crew is owned by Commander Jordin Bryant, the former Lieutenant of the Los Santos Special Services as well as former decorated member of the RCMP and AST clans for LCPDFR. Commander Jordin Bryant. Commander Bryant began his roleplay career in the RCMP Mounties Gaming Community several years ago, before his retirement after 3 years of service he had risen through the ranks up to Senior Sergeant upon his retirement. He had then moved onto the Alaska State Troopers clan for a year before reaching the rank of Sergeant and then retiring due to PC Complications. He than joined the Los Santos Special Services to once again, with his experience and expertise in policework, rise through the ranks to reach the rank of Lieutenant. He would later go on to retire from the LSSV, and form the SAST with the help of Lieutenant Commander Curtis Parsons, after a course of several months Lt Commander Parsons was let go due to private reasons and Lt Commander John Ira McCool came into the SAST. Up until the recent months of later 2016, Commander Bryant was co-succeeded by his now former second in command Lieutenant Commander John McCool. John was formerly the Commissioner of the Los Santos Special Services at the time when he and Commander Bryant had met. McCool also has some of the most elite Sniper training that this crew has ever seen. His dedication to his position was impeccable. Who during his time within the SAST which was the course of multiple years, had done the crew a great deal of service. He will be missed for a great deal and if ever he chooses to return from retirement, will be welcomed back with open arms.
All of our members are required to be 14 years of age or older. We are an equal opportunity employment and your membership will not be judged based on gender, age, race, or sexual orientation. We are always going to be hiring and looking for new members and the more members we get within the crew the more we will improve. We apologize that our website no longer looks as if an actual government has created it, we have moved to a different web hosting service due to more features. We are still in process of development and the website is always being updated. Please fill out an application to join this crew, take your time with the application to show you are truly dedicated to the crew. Applications that have not been taken time to fill out will be automatically denied as this crew is a real and professional role play community. (We are not associated with Rockstar Games, or any Governmental Agency. We are a realistic Grand Theft Auto V role play community and any agencies within this community are fictional but in-game are 100% real.)

Within the crew, you will learn multiple things. You will learn more about teamwork, collaboration, responsibility, and dedication.

When participating in a patrol, you learn more about teamwork as you work with one another. Collaboration is pretty much the same, but also learning to work with more than just the rest of your team. You learn responsibility pretty naturally within our crew. When you become an official member, you will be responsible for looking at our crew calendar to know when a patrol will be held or when we will have a meeting, training, or recruiting time. Dedication is also naturally learned. You will become quite fond of the crew eventually, and begin to start wanting to do more and more things.

We here at the SAST hope that you consider becoming an official member. We turn civilians into warriors.

(Note- This website is only to be used by active members of The State of San Andreas Roleplay Community, if you are not an active member, please refer to our main address of